A guide to being you.

Hi, everyone! Even though I’m not american, I still want to celebrate american citizens having the right to marry the same-sex. Girls can call their wife, wife. Boys can call their husbands, husband. People can be themselves.

In today’s society, things are getting better but that doesn’t mean everything is okay.Some people aren’t letting themselves be them and some people don’t like other people being themselves.

So this is the message to all the people who are being someone else.

Dear you,

Why are you not being yourself? Is it because your scared people are going to laugh at you, hurt you and hate you?

So, what?

If people don’t like it, so what? It’s their problem, not yours. You can leave them behind, you can go anywhere. There’s people out there that really don’t care if you are the real you. Dress how you want, love how you want, live how you want.

Be happy, that’s the guide to have a full happy life.

If nobody’s listening, do something about it! Stand up and scream out!

Be a goth, be the duty refuliffer, be a hippy, be an artist, be gay, be bi-sexual, be a dancer,  be unique,

Be you. 

Don’t give a crap! Just don’t look forward, don’t look back, look where you are now. Make your moment is happy.  Because life is short, people are fighting for you and the best thing to do is to BE YOU.

Thankyou, guys. You are the best and make me smile whenever I see a like, comment and a follow. So please like if you’ve enjoyed, comment what you think, check out my other posts and follow for more from me.

Hideaway Girl xxx


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