The Beautiful Blogger Award

Hi everyone! I’ve been nominated again for another award called the Beautiful Blogger Reward which I hope means that I am beautiful 😉 Thankyou Owlivia for notimating me!

Anyway, lets get down to the rules.

  1. Thank The blogger who nominated you.
  2. List 7 random facts about yourself
  3. Nominate seven bloggers.

7 Random Facts About Me 

1. At a school disco, when I was 7, I drank the liquid out of the glow stick. I remember liking the taste as it kinda felt like an electric shock. I know, I was a very weird child who liked to drink chemicals. Anyway, my mum found out because while walking home in the dark, she could see this green glowing patch near my mouth and saw the empty plastic glow stick on my wrist. She then took me to the doctors. In the waiting room, there was another boy there who did the same thing but that still didn’t make my mum reassured her child was normal.

2. My dad was a smoker when I was little and I didn’t really like it because the teachers told us that it ruined our lungs and could kill us. So I made my dad give up for my birthday which actually was a pretty cool birthday present!

3.I write in a really weird way.


4. My blog is called HideawayGirl but my UTRL is HIDEWAY girl which is really annoying because I was rushing to get my blog details down and I missed the A!

5. I don’t like pancakes, mash potato, baked beans, pasties, bananas,curries, custard, shepherds pie or cottage pie.  I have more food hates but it’s a very long list.

6.  I’m a very lazy girl which got me to the bottom group in sport.

7. When I was little, I use to want to be a hippy but then I realized they took drugs.

My 7 nominations

1. Jade Amber’s blog

2.  The Teen Years 

3. bethiecharlie

4. Life being Lauren

5. Discared letters to my teenage self

6. Wintergirl’s blog

7. Another Normal Girl 

I literally need ONE more follower to make it half-way to 100 which would be brilliant! So please follow, like if you enjoyed, comment some weird facts about yourself and check my other posts!

Hideaway Girl xxx


  1. Summer

    One time I was playing with a glowstick and it snapped in half and the liquid shot straight into my eye. My friend’s mom rushed me into the bathroom, where my eye has these green glowing patches. It was actually pretty cool…

    Liked by 2 people

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