The Struggles Of Being A Teen.

Hi everyone! About a month ago, I had the opportunity of joining ‘Teens Tell Their Story.’ where a group of teen bloggers write about a topic each week: this week is about The Struggles Of Being A Teen.

So I’m going to tell you the struggles out-through  my day.

Okay, so waking up for school is the first struggle of the day. Especially in winter, I want to snuggle back into bed and dream about Zac Efron for a bit more but no, I have to get off my lazy arse and get an education.

I also have to wake up really early in the morning so I can try and make myself more presentable for school. I take more time than I do in the weekends. I don’t really have this problem but I know many other teens do and that’s pimples and acne. No matter what skin products you use and how you long you take to do your skin routine, they never go away. Acne and pimples can make your day a living hell.

I never get lifts to school but whenever I do my parents always seem to embarrass me in some ways. I think the thing that I dread the most every year is parents evening, more like parents embarrass you in front of everyone evening. I do love my parents but they embarrass me so much sometimes and I think everyone has that!

When you get to class, your hair is a mess even though you spent ages on it! It’s such a waste of time. You’ve got to spent the rest of the day being nervous around the opposite sex because your worried they’re think you look like a crazy cat lady. I give up sometimes.

I also find it really annoying when you have a crush on someone! It just irritates me and it’s really hard for me to find a boy that’s actually taller than me and have all the things which a boy should have! When I do find someone who’s taller than me, they are jerks or aren’t single.  But all well, my heart has been taken by Thomas Brodie Sangester and Nick Robinson..

School couldn’t get any more annoying when you forgot to hand in your homework. You have to go through the trouble to make an excuse why you haven’t got your homework. I think the only thing that stop you for doing your homework is Netflix and the internet.

It always seems that at school, PMS kicks in. One moment, I’m all nice and happy but the next, I want to be the biggest bitch in the whole school. PERIODS ARE THE WORST THING EVER and effect your learning! Sometimes, I just want to rip out my ovaries and have a sex change.

EXAM FEVER. The worst illness of them all. All you can think about is studying, you FORGET about food! Then you have a panic, asking yourself ‘what next?’ questions.

Finding nemo gif

I hate exam week.

Okay don’t be mad at me but I read a chapter of an Emma Watson fanfic and honestly, I think she’s smoking hot! Then I started asking my self these questions about sexuality and then my personality. Like ‘I am a good person, if not should I change it? ‘ or ‘I am a lesbian.’

This happens quite often.

Friendship is always rocky during your teenage years. Everyone is going through this, some worst than others. So people will me peed off at times but we are teenagers and the Puberty guide books says its normal!

So don’t worry 🙂

Anyway, I’m going to stop here but there is so many other struggles of being a teenager. So like, comment, check out Teens Tell Their Story and follow me more posts.

Hideaway Girl  xxx

P.S. Thankyou for helping me reach 70 followers!


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