An Interview with Sophie Kat!

Hi, everyone! I’m still in London so I know my blog posts haven’t been very frequent and I apologise for that. I’m coming back home on Monday so you will have my usual time table back.

I’ve paired up with Sophie Kat this week as Teens Tell Their Story topic this week is interviews 🙂 We have both asked each other 5 questions and I’m going to answer mine.

I only did a Q&A a week ago so I’m sorry if you were looking forward to for a more funny blog post but I’m coming back home soon so I will be posting a lot more next week 🙂

1) What is your blog about and why did you decide to blog about it?

I don’t think my blog really fits into a category. I write about a lot of different things such as my awkward but somehow ‘ funny ‘ life, things that annoy me,little bit of photography and my favourites of each month. I would say I’m a lifestyle blog but without fitness or healthy eating because I’m one of the most laziest person that you will ever meet. I guess my blog is a lifestyle of a teen which is meant to somehow relate to you. If you don’t relate to this blog, you must be a perfect beauty queen and I’m jealous of you. But I think everyone can somehow relate to this blog 🙂

I didn’t really decide a topic. My blog has got no topic at all but I think that’s good in a way because everyone can kinda read it and will have something which they would like. (I’m scared I’m sounding like I’m self promoting this blog
I think I got the idea of writing a blog when I just stopped doing youtube. It seemed somehow more safe and would let me open up a little. I’m a really shy person but when I’m with my friends, I’m kinda crazy and weird. But when I’m on this blog, I have a mixture of personalities (I do NOT have Dissociative identity disorder, thankyou) I’m sometimes serious and mature, sometimes annoyed, sometimes crazy or nice 🙂

2) Besides blogging, what else do you do? For example, interests or hobbies.

I play the piano and I’m going to start lessons in September which is going to be ‘interesting’ and painful for the teacher.  I take few pictures and that’s really it *volin plays*

3) What’s the best thing about blogging for you?

For me, it’s having people saying that they like what I write about and relating to me so I don’t feel like an outcast. The community is amazing 🙂

4) What’s your dream job/career?

I don’t really have one at the moment. I don’t mind the idea of a lawyer or a teacher but I’m still young so I have a few years to think about it.

5) Number 1 rule to when it comes down to writing a blog post?

To enjoy writing it. Whenever I write a good blog post, I have this sense of wanting to never stop writing. What’s the point of doing something that you don’t enjoy?

So that’s my 5 questions done! Like if you’ve enjoyed, comment, check my other posts and follow me for more posts

Hideaway Girl xxx


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