Having Stretch Marks…

Hi,everyone! How’s been your week so far? Mine’s been okay so far. School is boring but that’s school so what do I except? Last week, my friend noticed I had marks on my stomach and my waist area. She didn’t find out in a pervy way. My t-shirt was a little bit small for me so my ‘lovely’ stomach showed a little bit.

She said they were stretch marks. I freaked out a little because I’ve seen adverts helping pregnant women getting rid of them so I thought I was really over weight or something. I was cursing to myself that I shouldn’t have gone to the chip shop after school everyday. It was the first time I thought about my weight. I didn’t think I was fat before that so what has happened to me and why have I got these marks?


Off I go to the world of google and searched stretch marks. I went into youtube and found a BuzzFeed video which was called Why I Love My Stretch Marks. I don’t know why I picked that certain one but I was happy that I did.

All the the women who were in that video were like me in someway. We were worried about them at first but then will realized that there was nothing to worry about.

I just wanted to share this with you, just in case if you have them and were wondering what they were.

Hideaway Girl xxx

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