Deja Vu.

Hi,everyone! So I’m sorry I haven’t posted last weekend, I couldn’t think of anything to write. I have those days and sometimes it’s lasts for a few days but please stay with me.

Today, a girl in my chemistry class got her hair caught on fire. I’ll just explain what happened.

So we were doing this practical work in Chemistry which includes Bunsen burners and all that. I never used a Bunsen burner before because the teachers that I had before didn’t trust me with that type of equipment.

I was pretty scared that I was going to get my hair caught on fire so I put my hair back. Thank the lord, I did. Anyway, I heard someone screaming ‘WHAT THE FU*K DID YOU DO?’ I look over and noticed her hair was on fire. It didn’t really help that she was wearing V05 hairspray either.

Anyway, I had this thought all the time ‘I’ve seen this before. Where have I seen this before?’ I wasn’t really bothered about the girl on fire, I just kept thinking about where I’ve seen this before. Then I realized, that I must have gone back in the past. I was freaking out with the girl on fire this point except I wasn’t screaming.

I searched it up and it turned out I have Deja Vu. I had this all day. I  remembered the teacher telling the pupil off for the same thing in Physics.In Psychology, it was giving a piece of cumber to my friend.

It was freaky.

I’ve got to go now and do my History homework but I will be posting on Wednesday 🙂

Hideaway Girl xxx


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