I am weird and a blogging magician.

Hi,everyone! Sorry that I didn’t post yesterday. I was having one of those days where I didn’t know what to post but today, I really want to answer some of your questions and have a chat. Get a cup of tea and talk with me!

What’s the best city you’ve been to and why? – Emily. 

I’ve been to a few cities but I prefer small towns and villages to visit. Of all of the cities I’ve been to, London is always my favourite. I use to live there and partly do so I love looking at places where memories of my childhood were. At school, people say that London is a horrible place to live and is full of chavs. London is totally opposite of horrible! Everyone is really friendly and love to talk. When I was younger, I thought the people who live in the place where I live now (let’s call it Whales even though I don’t live in Wales) were really grumpy and rude. Now, I’ve gotten used to them but London is so much more friendlier than Whales. London has  got as many chavs as Whales does. And people in council estates aren’t all drug addicts and chavs. London is a great place to live!

How old are you? – Shalom. 

I am 13 but turning 14 in 1 week and 2 days! Would you like a Birthday Haul? I’m not sure if to do one or not. I love looking at what people get for their birthdays but maybe that’s just me :/

Why did you start a blog? – ateenagediaryonline. 

I don’t actually really remember why I started one but I know that I wanted this blog to let me write what is bothering me and just to be myself. In class, I’m quiet and people think that is who I am. I’m not quiet and it really bothers me who think I am. I have the weirdest and craziest personality! I think if I was who I am in class, people would get annoyed with me very easily.

What’s one thing you like to do which other people think is weird? –Lyfwithem 

I asked my bestfriend what she thinks and she said alot of things including my sense of humor, the way I hold my pen/pencil, the way I breathe, how I chew, how I get up really early. Thanks Ellephant.

Any writing tricks that you use?- Mon 

I wouldn’t call it a trick (I’m not a blogging magician)but I would always write about something that I want to write about. Never write something when you don’t feel like writing because the blog post isn’t going to be very good. You have to put effort in it and make sure you’re being 100% true to yourself and your readers.

Would you be open to doing collabs with other bloggers? – Shalom.

 Yeah! I’m always happy to write a blog post with someone else. It really doesn’t matter how many followers you have, how old you are and how long you’ve had a blog for. I’m always up to collab with someone.

What is your favourite thing to blog about?-ateenagediaryonline

I like posting short stories up but I hardly ever do that so I think my favourite thing to blog about is stuff that I get annoyed about or my favourites. I don’t really know. Everything I write I enjoy!

Is your blog a secret or have you told your family/friends about it?-yellowgiraffe280

I’ve told a couple of my friends but not all of them so not everyone knows about it. I don’t think my friends really read it tbh, only two of them do. I told my parents and they like to read it even though I don’t like them to read it but anyway.

Do you think you will continue to blog when you get older? –ateenagediaryonline 

I hope so because it would be really cool to have my readers to grow up with me in a way. I would love to go to uni and have my readers to be in uni as well so we can relate to things. Also when I have a kid, this blog could turn into a mums blog. Lol.

What are a couple of your favourite blogs? – Shalom. 

I have loads but these are only 3 of them. Sophie Speaks Out is my favourite blog because she’s so lovely and just writes stuff which I get. A Teenage Diary Online because I love being nosy and love her covers on Youtube! A little Daydreamer also does cute youtube videos and makes really sweet funny posts.

Thankyou guys for all of the questions and please comment down below anything you do which is weird. I have an instagram and twitter for you guys so please check that out for extra updates on my life.

Hideaway Girl xxx


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