Types of friends! Part 1.

Hi,everyone! The new Teen Tell Their Story’s subject is Friends. I’m really happy that’s the topic this week because I’ve been planning for ages to write this blog post.  Hopefully, everyone has at least one friend if you don’t then you might not get this post but hey if you’re a loner, I’ll be your friend 🙂  All of my friends, have different personalties and that’s good to have a variety because you don’t what to be stuck with one certain person but sometimes types of people do annoy me but I still love them! Anyway, let’s start!

The I’m always right one 

Even when they are obviously wrong, they will still stand by what they say or try and prove it again. Maybe even as far as changing the Wikipedia page to the answer they want. And when they are right, they will go on about it for about 20 minutes.

The Needer

Every day, they will always want something off you. Maths answers or a lift home. They will want at least 10 things a day from you.

The Needer: Can I ha…?

Me: Absolutely not.

The Depressed One

After having a nice day together (not saying any problems), you go home and realise you have a text saying ‘Really upset, talk?’ I wouldn’t normally reply because I’m not good at making people feel better but they would message you on snapchat which tells them when you seen it. So you have to reply. After 2 hours of having to say ‘Don’t worry. You’re the best person in the world and people are just jealous of you’ which are basically lies, they finally say that they have to go and meet up with the person they were upset about!

The Mature One 

These friends will be the parents of the group, they will make you behave yourself, tell you off and sometimes even take away your phone off you. They care so much about you. They don’t do anything stupid and make sure you don’t either.

This is only part one because I have homework to do but I will be continuing this post another day. I’m sorry it isn’t as good as it normally is but I really have to go and do homework!

Hideaway Girl xxx


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