Where have I been?

Hi,everyone! Just a quick post for you but there will be probably another post for you today as well so don’t worry 🙂 I’m really sorry that I haven’t posted in 9 days but I’ll explain why in a list.

Why I haven’t been blogging 

  1. I went to London last weekend
  2. I had a huge project for business studies, I’ll tell you about it in another blog post soon!
  3. It was my birthday on Wednesday!!
  4. I had a birthday picnic with my friends yesterday and didn’t have time to write a blog post.
  5. I also had a sleepover yesterday.

So, I’ve been reallllyyy busy but I will be posting later and hopefully tomorrow, I’ll post as well. I am back at school now so it is  more difficult for me to write. I’m going to be making a timetable when to post so hopefully, that will be easier for me.

Hideaway Girl xxx


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