My plan for halloween posts! I need your help as well..


I’ve been really busy this weekend but I don’t think I will be as busy next week as it is half term. I have alot of Halloween post planned maybe even a collab! But I need someone who will like to collab with me so if you will like to, then please tell me in the comments below šŸ™‚ I’m also writing that story at the moment but it will go up this week probably. I also want to do a Halloween Q&A with my best friend, Elle who is going as murderous Pocahontas and I’m going as The Queen of Hearts, so in that blog post we will be acting as our characters so ask any funny or scary questions below.

Tomorrow, I will be uploading Looking back on my diary part 2. Sometime during this week, I will be uploading another types of friends.

So please tell me if you want to collab and ask me any Halloween questions!

Hideaway Girl xxx


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