How to embarrass yourself in front of your crush!

Hi,everyone! So I had one of those short phrases again where my mind has gone all blank but I think I’m back on the track again and hopefully will be for some time. Recently, I’ve been embarrassing myself alot and it’s gotten to the point where I have to write blog post about it. Normally when I embarrass myself it’s in front of my crush so today I’ll be writing a how to embarrass yourself in front of your crush!

How toย embarrassย yourself in front of your crush!ย 

  1. Make sure your hair is really fizzy on the day where you sit next to him in class
  2. Don’t forget about your bright red cheeks!
  3. Make sure you stutter when he askes you a question
  4. Make yourself look like a total nerd when you say that you revise loads for this test.
  5. Laugh and make sure to have a coughing fit afterwards
  6. Then you nearly topple onto him.
  7. Sneak in a few glances at him and make him notice it! That will make him really creep out.
  8. Also make sure to tell him you know where he lives!
  9. Also make sure to sit next to the prettiest girl so you can look like a pig which was ran over.
  10. Make the lamest joke about yourself which he won’t laugh to!
  11. Try and get your period pads stuck to your pencil case
  12. Don’t forget to fall off your chair.

Yep those have all happened to me and I hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Tell me what embarrassing things you’ve done infront of your crush ๐Ÿ™‚

Hideaway Girl xxx



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