Introducing myself.#Creativesprojects

Hi,everyone! So the title might seem a  little weird because I’ve been on this blog for nearly a year and I think I might have introduced myself a few times. A few months ago, Teens Tell Their Story stopped which was heart-breaking because I didn’t have a topic to write about each week. But A Little Daydreamer has made a new project and it’s called the Creatives Project. So I decided to join and I thought it would be kinda cool.

The first challenge is to write about ourselves and show what we are interested in so that’s what I’m going to be writing about today.


Hi,everyone! I’m Hideaway Girl but obviously that isn’t my name.  I’m apparently the typical British girl. The person who drinks tea every morning, talks a bit ‘posh’ and likes to use swear words like this : bullocks, bloody hell,bugger, bastard, damn, shot,buggeration,shit on it and so on..

I don’t think I’m posh. I just like to use proper language. I’m quite a shy person around new people but when they’ve had a few weeks of me, they find out that I’m totally opposite. The teachers call me quiet because I don’t put my hand up in class. Actually teachers, I don’t get the answer and I can’t be asked to get into arguments with people in my class. I think the only teachers who know I’m not quiet is my English and Spanish teachers.

At school,I play the piano which I sometimes get to miss sport for it so that’s an added bonus. By the way. my piano teacher is probably one of the weirdest person I’ve ever meet. He’s always making very weird jokes but it’s quite amusing. When I was in Year 4, I tried out Saxophone lessons and I decided to continue. I was really bad at it as I never practised but my mum still wanted me to carry on. I hated playing the saxophone. When I was in Year 3, I went to recorder club which was really fun as me and all of my friends did it. When I was in Year 5, I had guitar lessons and I gave up a year later. When I started Year 7, I gave up the saxophone and I promised I would never play an musical instrument. But I fell in love with the piano and I,now,been playing for a year. But I don’t think I’m musical at all.

I play netball at my school which is quite funny because I’m really bad at it 🙂 Anyway, I still play it because my mum wants me to do after school clubs. I don’t really mind doing it though because if I tell people I play netball, they’ll think I’m sporty. On Saturdays, I help out at this gymnastics club. I’m not flexible at all, I can’t even do a cartwheel but I’m good with kids so I was asked by my friend, Elle, to do it. I also go to this youth club where a bunch of chavs go. I manage not to get beaten each week so I might have a way with ‘difficult’ people.

I feel this is  starting to become a job interview.

I like to write and as you see on this blog, I’ve just put up a new chapter of this story I’m writing. If you want to see my non-existence writing skills, then click here.


Anyway, I’ve got to go and do homework  😦 Hope you have enjoyed learning a little bit more about me and I’ll see you tomorrow for another blog post. Bye!

Hideaway Girl xxx









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