What I got for Christmas 2015!

Hi,everyone! I’m back from my small vacation, I’m very sorry that I couldn’t read your posts but I have so many to read that I don’t think I will be able to get to them all. But I am here now and I’m going to be showing you what I got for Christmas 😀 I got alot of stuff and if I mention all of it ( in a detailed way), it would be a very long post so I’ve just cut it down to  things I think you guys will be interested in. This post isn’t bragging or showing off. Whenever it comes down to my birthday or Christmas wish list, I always look at ‘What I got for Christmas haul’. So I thought it would be a good idea to write one 🙂

Let’s get started!


All I know Now. 


My first book I’m going to write about is ‘All I know now.’ by Carrie Hope Fletcher. I only know Carrie Fletcher as a youtuber but I never really watched her videos. But reading this book, it gives me an impression of a really funny and entertaining woman. It also seems like a book which you don’t have to read it all together but flick through it from time to time. I’m really happy that I got this book. Whenever I want to get advice from an older sister (which I don’t have), I can look at this book and be dazzled by her advice.

Katie Piper: My Beautiful Ever after. 


This book has been a privilege to read! Katie Piper’s story is so inspiring, it seems unreal. How she writes her experience and her recovery in a eye-capturing way is amazing! Even though she’s been through so much hardship, she has carried on running and has even given life to the world. When reading this book, it seemed fiction but it’s A TRUE STORY. I think I’ve found my new woman inspiration and I’m going to be writing a deeper post about her soon 🙂


Colouring books

Sadly, this isn’t my picture. I’m not very good at drawing so I thought I could use this picture from pinterest to brighten up my blog 🙂

I got three colouring books! One from my cousin, one from my mum and one from my dad. I love all of them, all of them have great patterns. It also calms me down when I’m stressed and it’s a nice hobby to have. You don’t have to be an expert and you get some which don’t cost that much 🙂


It sounds really boring but I’m very happy with it 🙂 If you know me very well, you will known that I’m an organised freak so this is going to make my days even more together!



I got a whole box of things from lush from my other cousin! In total,; there is 9 bath bombs and 2 shower gels :0 I’m going to have to have so many baths!

I will show you all of them in another post coming up!


I got lots of candles from my friends and I have been using them over the Christmas Break. My favourite one is Spicy Apple which is from Asda, George. I think it only cost a pound so I will definitely buy it.


Aqua Dragons 

I really wanted Aqua dragons. Don’t know why but I really enjoy looking after them. They are quite ugly in a way but I still love them :’)



So that’s some of my presents! I hope all of you have had a good Christmas and happy New Year!

Hideaway Girl xxx





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