Someone who inspires! – The New Generation Thing!

Hi,everyone! I’m so happy that all of you guys are taking part in The New Generation Thing and I have come up with some really good ideas 🙂

Also, could you guys tag #thenewgenerationthing so we can all find each other and share each others posts. I must say all of you have written something different and it’s really interesting to read.

Apart from this week, I will be sharing one of your guys post who I think have really done a fantastic post.

This week’s topic is Someone who Inspires! I want you guys to find someone who inspires you. This can be everyone! It can be a friend, a relative, a celebrity, someone on the news;everyone!

Don’t worry if you’re stuck, I will publish mine tomorrow so you can use that as an idea to find someone who inspires you.

If you would like to join, make sure to check out this blog post which tells you all about it 🙂

Thankyou everyone!

Hideaway Girl xxx



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