Katie Piper- Someone who inspires. #thenewgenerationthing

Hi,everyone! So yesterday, I told you guys the new topic for The New Generation Thing which is someone who inspires, if you want to see that post click here.  Anyway today, I’m going to be telling you mine.


For Christmas, I got the book ‘Katie Piper: My Beautiful Ever After’. To be honest, when I got this book, I thought I wasn’t going to enjoy it at all but I actually really loved it 🙂

Katie Piper is an amazing, inspirational and beautiful  woman. She was only 24 when her now, ex-boyfriend raped her and then two days, he hired someone to attack her with acid. She went through so many surgeries and operations to continue to live and is now telling people around the world about her recovery, not just on outside but on the inside too.

She does amazing charity work (which has got a few awards), has found love (and got married!) and has even brought live to this world when she thought she couldn’t.

I couldn’t imagine being raped, having burning acid thrown in my face, losing sight in one eye, scared of the attackers and someone you trusted, and being able to continue to get by each day. Of course, she still has anxiety but she’s managed to be able to help others!

Can I also say she also makes me laugh in this book at times because even though we are different in lots of ways, we are still young woman and some bit’s of the book, you can kinda understand in a way like when she was talking about dating and boys.

I can’t write about a whole book about her (which I would,if I could) because it would be a REALLY long post but I think you guys should really read her book! It’s so inspirational.

She is literally the BEST woman inspiration out there!

Hideaway Girl xxx




  1. Alex Könst

    Hey there, I remade my post. I hope you don’t mind. But thank you so much for your kind words in the comments section. It was a bit difficult, but I thought that I wanted to share it with you all. It felt good 🙂

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