Unnecessary Yoga.

Hi,everyone! I’ve realised on my blog, I haven’t really written about me in a while which is kinda weird because a blog is meant to be about me (that sounds so vain). So I was like I need to talk about myself again so yeah.. this post is about me.

So yesterday, in Sport, we were doing Yoga. And it was painful for me, emotionally, physically and mentally. I went in pairs with one of my best friends, Lily and we had to share a mat with eachother which I thought would be fine.

We have this young and’trendy’ sport teacher and she annoys me. Let’s call her Miss W because that’s her name.

Miss W got us all to lie down on the mats and close our eyes. I don’t know if I told you guys but I had a bad cough so this was the worst thing to do; lie down in silence. But I was like ‘yolo’ so I did it. During the mediating, Lily got closer and closer to me after each breath and finally, she was like stroking my leg, trying to make me pissed off because I hate being stroked. So every time she touched me, I was like moving away off the mat. I then fell off the mat and I thought bullocks! But I actually said bullocks aloud in a hall full of silence.

Did I also mention that this hall echoes?!

Miss W suddenly stopped talking about beaches and the sound of the ocean.

At that moment, I was like praying’please don’t give me a detention’and I was like trying to shut my eyes and pretending it wasn’t me.


She started talking again and I sighed a sigh of relief.

Lily started  choking with giggles and I started coughing because I was like trying  to laugh but it was impossible.

bad cough.gif

A face appeared in my vision and I was looking up at Miss W. Now, getting told off while lying down is something different, it’s alot more harder not to laugh.


I looked like I was having a stroke.. not like Miss W cared if I did.

So after that uncontrolled incident, we had to make a routine of yoga poses. I thought I would be a pro because I use to do yoga every morning before school exams but of course, mine was a lot more simple.

Miss W saw that we didn’t want to go and show the class but as a punishment, she made us.

I decided to make a joke out of it  (and not knowing what the hell the rountine was) and my last pose was this sexy, brilliant, professional pose that Louie Spence would be proud of.


Everyone was applauding and I felt like a winner in my heart.

So if you think you can’t do something, try and then make a joke out of it if you can’t.

Hideaway Girl xxx


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