Saying sorry- A little bit of advice- The New Generation Thing

Hi,everyone! This week’s topic of The New Generation Thing‘ is ‘A little bit of advice.’ which you can see here. I wanted to write a post which can help everyone, not just teenagers.

I’m stubborn and I hate being wrong. I even more hate it when I admit I’m wrong to other people. I get the dunky feeling in my tummy (no, I don’t have the tummy bug ) when I put my hands up and surrender. Admitting you are wrong in any relationship, makes your friendship a lot more tighter.

I  used to be rubbish at apologizing. I would refuse to say the S word  until the other person said sorry even if they didn’t do anything wrong. I was known for not saying sorry.

But one day, I meet someone like me who wouldn’t say sorry when they were wrong and they knew it. I was like ‘she’s such a selfish person.’ and ‘god, what a bitch.’

And then it clicked.

I was just like them. So I then promised to myself  that I was going to say sorry and forgive someone when I’ve done or they’ve done something bad.

There is some tips for you guys about saying sorry.

  1. If you know you’re wrong, say you’re wrong.

Don’t wait for them to figure it out. Don’t get into that awkward situation when they had CCTV footage of you eating their cookie. Tell them you’re sorry and give them another cookie.

2. Even if you didn’t mean it to happen, say sorry.

My friend, Charlotte, broke her arm when she tripped over my leg. By the way, she was walking backwards so I’m not a bitch! Okay, this is why I’m not good at saying sorry.

Anyway, say sorry even if you didn’t meant to break their phone screen when you pushed into them (yep, that happened) or ran them over in Asda with a trolley (that also happened). Imagine being that old woman getting hit by the big metal trolley and then not getting an apology. You wouldn’t like it. So apologise

3. Don’t make excuses but explain.

If you were looking after someone’s 5 year old son and he suddenly started running down the street in only his underwear in the rain and you couldn’t catch him. When the parents come back and see that he is soaking wet. Don’t go and say ‘He was running down the street in his underwear.Not my fault.’ Instead say, ‘He started running down the street in his underwear. I couldn’t catch him but when I did, he was soaking wet. Sorry that I didn’t keep a good eye on him.’

The parents will probably understand and will probably forgive you. If they don’t, don’t worry about it, you said sorry.

Saying you’re wrong is really hard and it’s even worse when someone goes ‘I told you so.You were wrong.’ So if someone does say sorry to you, forgive them and turn over a new page.

Hopefully, this has helped you guys and you’ve had a really good day. I’m looking forward to seeing all you guy’s posts and see you tomorrow for another blog post 🙂

Hideaway Girl xxx



  1. graceharlequin

    Hello there!! I have read your posts and saw the pictures you posted. and I just wanted to tell you that, It’s AMAZING!
    I was thinking that we could be blogging friend or even real life friend?! I followed your blog so would you follow mine too? We could be friends!! Nice to know you! ^^

    Liked by 1 person

  2. crap

    i can relate so much.
    but with me most of the time i don’t even feel like i’m wrong. i just keep debating about it. until one day, when it’s way too late i realize i shouldn’t have said those things

    Liked by 1 person

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