How it went.

Hi,everyone! Thankyou for all your support yesterday when I uploaded about how I was scared about going to school because in physic,we were going to shot an air rifel and I was scared that I was going to have another panic attack.

A few of you asked me to tell you how it went so that’s what I’m going to be telling you today.

On the way to school, I had a slight panic attack and I felt very tight, which is really hard to explain. My hands were shaking about the thought of going to science so I kept my hands in my pockets so people around me wouldn’t notice. I listened to Ellie Golding on the way to school which was actually really calming and helped slightly.

The night before, I decided to download the app ‘Calm’ as a blogger who I follow mentioned it and it felt like I needed to use this during today. I found this app so helpful to become less stressed.

In the middle of my private piano lesson, the fire bell went off and I somehow didn’t get panicky which I normally do. But today, it actually seem to go kind well. After reading all your comments, I felt so much more confident and safe, it really helped.

When it got to the physics lesson, I wasn’t as panicky and petrified as I thought I would be. I wanted to show that this anxiety can’t define me.

When we got outside to the school field, my teacher, let’s call him Mr L. Now Mr L got us into pairs and we were instructed to go certain distances across the field. He put me and my friend, N, the farthest away from the firing start place. I put my ear phones in which was blasting out Nirvanna and I couldn’t hear the gun going off.

Everyone in my class was actually really nice about it and they didn’t really ask about it.

Overall, you guys have helped me so much and I’m just so happy I wrote that blog post yesterday  because I don’t think I would have gotten through today without crying.

Hideaway Girl xxx


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