Things I find weird about boys.

Hi,everyone! Boys have been confusing me lately so I’ve decided to do a blog post about things which I find weird about boys!

Okay but before I start, I want to say that not all boys are like this and I know some girls who do the same things but the people who did these things are normally boys so.. please, don’t take offence or think I’m sexist!

Let’s get started!

  1. Acting totally different around their ‘bros’

One second, you are having a normal conversation and the next, his friends arrive and it seems like he had a glitch in his brain. Like he found out he was a monkey and starts acting like a complete muppet.

2. Why do they think we have PMS whenever we are upset! 


We don’t have our period all year around so just figure this out…girls are mostly always moody so never make period jokes again-ever.

3. When they take so long to reply to a message! 

giphy (2).gif

I don’t know why they take so long. I have nothing to do after school so I just sit on my bed, looking at my phone. Counting the minutes down….so reply to my message..

4. How they boast about getting ready in 5 minutes!

Well, we can reply to a message in less than a minute.

5. The weird faces they pull when playing video games.

HTkTCIx6QDay8oX0KAJv_Screaming German Kid

I don’t understand why they need to pull those faces, it’s like they are doing a photo booth challenge!

6. Taking up so much room!

200_s (1)

In class, you don’t know how many times I’ve had to tell them that I have to have my own personal space..

7. Becoming best friends really fast!

Guys just need to say a funny joke and they become best friends. Girls have to have at least 3 months of being nice to each other before becoming  friends.


Hope you guys understand what I mean! Tell me if you can think of any more in the comments below and I’ll be sure to look at them 🙂

Hideaway Girl xxx



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