This and that beauty tag!

Hi,everyone! I’m away at the moment but I’ve scheduled some award posts  and other little things for you guys to read while I am away but I will be back on Monday 🙂

A blogger who I follow nominated anyone who wanted to do it and I thought it seemed quite a nice tag so I thought I would have a go!

Blush or bronzer?~bronzer

💄Lipgloss or lipstick?~ lipstick. Lipgloss gets to sticky :p

💄Eyeliner or mascara?~mascara

💄Foundation or concealer?~concealer. I never wear foundation.

💄Neutral or colour eyeshadow?~neutral.


💅🏼O.P.I or China glaze?~O.P.I.

💅🏼Long or short?~Long. I never like having short nails.

💅🏼Acrylic or natural?~natural

💅🏼Brights or darks?~dark. I like wearing dark purples.

💅🏼Flower or no flower?~no flower. I’m kinda simple with nails.


👙perfume or body splash?~body splash

👙lotion or body butter?~lotion.

👙body wash or soap?~body soap.

👙LUSH or other bath company?~Lush! If you know me guys, you know I love lush!


👗Jeans or sweatpants?~Jeans. I look really bad in sweatpants.

👗Long sleeve or short?~Long sleeve. I don’t like showing my arms off.

👗Dresses or skirts?~dresses. I don’t own any though!

👗Flip flops or sandals?~Sandals. I love sandals 🙂

👗Necklaces or bracelets?~bracelets. I like really messy ones.

👗Heels or flats?~flats. I’m kinda tall already so I don’t want to be REALLY tall.

👗Studs or dangly earrings?~studs but I do like to wear dangly earrings sometimes.

👗Jacket or hoodie?~hoodie. I’m always wearing a hoodie.

👗Abercrombie or Hollister?~hollister


💇🏼Curly or straight?~straight. I have naturally really curly hair but you never see it because I always straighten it.

💇🏼Bun or ponytail?~ponytail

💇🏼Up or down?~down but I like to have my hair up..

💇🏼Long or short?~long


🙃Rain or shine?~shine

🙃Summer or winter?~Summer. I’m fed up with the winter.

🙃Chocolate or vanilla?~Chocolate.


I nominate all of you to do the tag and I actually kinda liked doing this 🙂

Don’t worry guys, I will be back soon with my usual posts by Monday.

Hideaway Girl xxx


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