What I think ugly is.

I wear contacts, I wear make-up whenever I meet up with people, I straighten my hair every day, I wear non-fitting jumpers and leggings. Without my contacts and straightening my hair, I would be considered ugly.

Um, ugly is a powerful word and is used too often. Yeah I know, I don’t look my best on a Sunday morning but who cares? It doesn’t mean that I’m ugly.

My mum use to tell me that looks don’t matter, it’s what is ย in the inside which counts. I use to roll my eyes whenever I heard that quote because it hit something in my chest like a punch. I have no idea why.

Search up ‘BBC News.’ I bet you can see something about death, murder or the innocent dying. That’s what ugly is.

In this beautiful world, there is some ugliness. I think everyone has a bit of ugly in them; in looks or personality.

I look bad today; I didn’t bother wiping my make-up off yesterday as it was really late and I was walking around like a dead zombie. To be honest, I’ve only just woken up now (at 3 in the afternoon) as I have a painful headache and my breath stinks.I guess that counts as ugly.

Ugly is the pain in people and the world. It’s what makes our world, a beautiful world because if we didn’t have ugliness, it would be boring. We wouldn’t know what beautiful was.

So in a way, ugly is good. It’s what keeps me going because I wouldn’t know what beautiful was and I live for beautiful things.

Thank you for taking your time to read this and remember ugly can be good,

Hideaway Girl xxx






  1. parisianpages

    I agree with all the points you made in this . Just as darkness comes with light ,
    ugliness comes with beauty. this was a very touching post.
    Ps. Remember that you’re beautiful inside and out ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. dewdrops0213

    Exactly! Special things wouldn’t be special without the bad things. They are a lift of the mood from such a low level below. Thats what makes it so special! But if it was your birthday every day, it’s not that exciting XD It’s normal. I love this message!

    Liked by 1 person

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