Zombie Apocalypse+Getting Stuck -Q&A

Hi,everyone! How has been your day so far? Mine has been pretty okay but I have a headache but maybe answering your questions will help it 🙂

So today, I’m doing a Q&A 🙂 You guys have asked so many questions so I won’t be able to do all of them because this blog post will be as long as the Harry Potter book series.Anyway, let’s get going!


Have you ever become deeply enmeshed in your own imagination, and at what time of day is your imagination most active? – Ariana. 

I’m always daydreaming about everything! I went to my friend’s house today and when walking back from hers, I pretended I was getting kidnapped in my head so I was like planning out what I would do. I figured out I would leave some sort of evidence like a finger nail clipping so that they would know that those people were guilty.

I think before bed is when my imagination goes crazy because it takes about at least an hour to  settle down my brain.

What is your go to happy song?- MEGANQM1. 

I have a couple of songs but at the moment, I think Home by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros or Feeling Good by Muse 🙂

A Zombie apocalypse has begun in your area and you get told to evacuate. What 5 things do you quickly pick up to take with you?-Chloe Lauren. 

This is difficult. I would take my ipad because it has photos on there and a portable charger which I will use very carefully. I would bring some books like More Than This by Patrick Ness and The Kite Runner. I would bring ‘Food in the Wild’ cookbook if there is one.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done when you were bored?- Rosypop

I cut my own hair. Not when I was little or anything, I did it 2 weeks ago. #regrets

How many pillows do you sleep with?- Tea Lover Jess

3 but I would sleep with more but my mum won’t let me because I will ‘break’ my neck.

Have you ever felt like punching someone in the face and why?-Luna

Always. I can’t really remember why but it’s mostly because they are annoying or I’m just in a bad mood.

Favourite album of all time?- Tea Lover Jess

Smoke and Mirrors by Imagine Dragons, of course. I listen to it all the time.

Do you think it is necessary to shave your legs as a female? Why?-Emily. 

This is a great question, I LOVE questions like these. I’m a feminist and I don’t think it’s necessary. If you want to, then go for it. I do in the summer and I feel more comfortable but if you don’t want to, don’t. Who cares if you got hairy legs, it’s your body and you can do whatever! Men don’t have to so why do we?

What is your idea of an amazing day?- Tea Lover Jess. 

Shopping with my best friend Elle and Joanna in London. Then going to a Imagine Dragons concert and then watching  ‘Remember Me’ with Elle 🙂

That. Would.Be.The.Best.Day.Ever.

You’re stuck in an elevator. Which famous person is with you in the elevator?-Jerrod.

I would probably quite like Dan Howell. Not because he’s hot but because he would be quite funny in this situation and I wouldn’t mind being stuck in the elevator with him. We might even become friends 🙂

What do you collect?- Tea Lover Jess

I seem to collect a lot of shoes! I have at least 12 pairs of shoes but to be fair, my feet stopped growing in Year 6 so I have 4 years worth of shoes :/

When you grow up, where would you live and why?- Unknowngirl390 

I want to live in London because that’s where I was born and raised. I still partly live there but I want to live there when I’m older.

Do you have any suggestions for what to watch on Netflix?😂– Mybloggingsercet. 

I actually done a blog post about it so click here to see some suggestions.

Have you ever met any celebrities?- Tea Lover Jess. 

I’ve seen the youtuber, Jim Chapman, but I didn’t go up to him because I was a idiot and I’m crying inside now, thinking about having a selfie with Jim. He was right in front of me as well:(




What is your favourite mode of transport (it doesn’t have to be real hehe)?- Emily

I like the idea of a magic carpet like from Aladdin which would be cool because you wouldn’t have to do anything. You could get ready on the carpet but maybe not get changed.

Would you rather: be stranded on island full of cannibals with the person you love the most, or eat pizza and watch netflix with free wifi with your worst enemy?- Neeharkia

I would rather eat pizza and watch netflix with free wifi because I don’t want to get eaten by cannibals. But if it was for the rest of my life, I would go with the person I love the most because I don’t want to be stuck with the person I hate the most.


Well, that was a very long post!

On Twitter, I’m nearly hitting 100 followers so if you would like to give me a follow, click here. Thank you guys and I’ll see you tomorrow with another post 🙂

Hideaway Girl xxx






  1. Jerrod

    Oh my! You just answer Dan Howell, one of my favorite people and YouTuber in the world. And also, when I saw the title and the part “Getting Stuck”, I immediately assumed it’s my question and I was jumping around and saying “She answered my question” repeatedly. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Chloe Lauren

    I just had to go for the weird Zombie apocalypse question 😉😂 good answer for that by the way! Oh and I love Imagine Dragons. They are the best and so is Smoke and Mirrors!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Tea Lover Jess

    Great answers!! And thank god I’m not the only person who sleeps with 3 pillows!! I thought i was the only one! My dad is the same as your mum, he doesn’t want me sleeping with any more pillows either! This has made me really happy for some reason, I’ve finally found someone!! x

    Liked by 1 person

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