Let’s talk about Feminism.

Before I start rambling on, I want to say if you don’t agree with me, that’s okay but please read, I want to at least tell you what I think.

Now, whenever I say ‘I’m a feminist’, people immediately judge me sometimes in a good way but mostly negative ways. About a month ago, I was talking to another student in my class about one of my friends and he went ‘she’s a feminist.’ in a very disgusted voice. I was like ‘yes and so am I’. He, then, said ‘Typical. So you think women are better for men?’

And this is what I said:

feminists is group of women and men who want equal rights for all genders.

Misandristsย is a group of women who thinks women are superior to men.

Both genders are treated differently in lots of ways such as women getting paid less then men and men not being accepted by other people because they are ‘feminine’ because they do ‘girly’ things such as dancing.

Why is dancing, liking the colour pink, dolls and ponies the stereotypical things for little girls to like?

And why is football, blue, Lego and soldiers the stereotypical things for little boys to like?

I liked the colour blue, I liked playing in the mud, I LOVED LEGO and I played toy soldiers with my brother? Does that make me a ‘tom-boy’?

I loved dolls, I wanted ponies and I liked wearing dresses.

So who am I then? A girl or a boy?

Well I’m pretty sure that I’m a girl…

I really don’t like the word ‘feminist’ because it sounds more like it’s a woman’s cause then a man’s cause so I think that’s why the boy, in my class, thought that it was more of an overpowering group of females.

But remember, 88 years ago, I couldn’t vote because I was a woman so I guess it wasn’t that long ago when sexism was at it’s highest peak.

There is still a lot of inequality in this world, it may not be where you live but in other countries, women aren’t allowed out of their house without a male companion. On Tv, there’s a lot of sexism towards men dressing up as woman as it looks ‘funny.’

You may not see it because you grew up that way but I can see it and felt it, and I want to change that.

Please tell me what you think in the comments even if you don’t agree with me and don’t mind a political debate. hahaha ๐Ÿ™‚

Hideaway Girl xxx


  1. Rosie // Hookup Culture

    I also don’t like the word feminist. Like most things, it has begun to take a negative context. I wish we could just say “I believe in equality” rather than “I believe in feminism”. But the word feminism exists because it is a smaller problem that is part of a bigger problem – inequality. So I’m kind of unsure how I feel about the word, even though I back the movement.

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  2. parisianpages

    I come from a very traditional country and male domination still exist. In my country women are suppose to stay home and take care of the house while their husbands are away at work. They do the house work and cook.
    I do support feminism , I think It’s a great thing because men have been in control of most things for way too long. I enjoyed reading this , you did a great job:)

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  3. ๐Ÿ‘‘

    I totally agree with this but there’s one thing I do want to say. The proper term for women who think women are superior to men are “misandrists” and their mindset is that of misandry (opposite of misogyny). I would greatly appreciate it if you didn’t use the term “femenazi” because I feel like comparing women who go a little overboard with fighting the patriarchy to soldiers who killed millions of people just isn’t right. No offense to you though, I just want to state my thoughts about that haha. But I do agree with the things you’ve said here, gender roles are totally ridiculous and the fact that society has assigned genders to toys, sports, colors, etc. is so bad. And also, I call myself a feminist because while I do strive for equality between genders, it is women who have been oppressed for hundreds of years. I fight for bringing women up to the level that men have already reached and allowing them to be equals instead of having this war on who’s the dominant gender. Great post though!!! I appreciate you discussing this topic!!

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  4. Growing Up Ungracefully

    This is a really interesting post. I think the name feminism has been given too many bad taglines; while I call myself a feminist, I identify more with the word equality. If that makes sense!? Ha!

    I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award, if you fancy it: http://wp.me/p7cjR9-7f

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  5. dewdrops0213

    Yeah its good unless they start acting superior. Im very traditional but I think its equal enough. Stereotypes dont define first thoughts it is a lit but based off some truth for them to begin. Most girls like blah vlah blah less boys like blah blah blah even though I am interested iin games legos blue and have my brothers sense of humour and knowledge I am unlike every one. To be honest mostly the girls. I think domination is k in trad countries not tooo much cause I want to have job. Feminism is awesome I support equality life is much beetter than a long time ago but there is still much to fix. There is no domination here but we should be paid equal.. i dont want dominism nessecarily but well im not against it unless its super forced. Women have jobs too so it is just traditional n ot sayibg who is better.i wish less people misunderstand it both men and women.. just. Being unbaised . But we do deserve same amount of money and stuff. I dont care much for things like beiing in the military or more men having a certain job. To be honest women are strong but men are naturally stronger. More boys. Are on the math team but other girld like music and weird stuff I dont get but that doesnt mean they are smarter and crap. Im just saying. Srry for typos and stuff Autocorrect is killling me. More of blank people are interested but that doesnt mean that others cant be. Im wording this bad I support equal rights though.

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    1. hideawaygirl

      yeah, I guess men are naturally stronger than girls psychically but I don’t think it should stop girls from doing things. I think both genders stuffer from inequality and the main reason is because of traditions.
      Thank you for commenting and I love hearing your views! ๐Ÿ™‚ x

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      1. dewdrops0213

        i know it shouldn’t stop them tho but still they aren’t better. both genders, it’s not equality for women it’s both… thats the point lol. Thankyou. traditions are traditions they should be kept personally. the women staying at home. It’s just what they do, not like we’re forced to right now, nothing to complain about. The past is the past, we’re lucky today. There isn’t much to fix except for money and other stuff

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  6. Barbie Clarch

    Any time you own feminism some people will put you down or write you off. The fact is that inequalities still exist. it takes a strange mix of introspection and humility and courage for people to realize something that benefits some might actually not be nice for another group. Good on you for owning your feminism and staying strong!


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