Hideaway Girl’s awards.

Hi,everyone! How have you all been? I know I haven’t posted for a few days (which is very unlike me, I know) but I’ve had so much homework and I also had an existential crisis. But I’m back to my happy self and I have really exciting news…

I’m pregnant.

JOKING. I’ve gotten a job at a cafe near where I live and I start working tomorrow which I’m terrified about. Two men run the small cafe and I think, me and Elle, will be the first teenagers they will have. I’m scared they will be kidnappers and I’ll never see the light of day again.

But the actual thing is the most likely thing is going to happen is that I’m going to drop a plate and shout ‘shit.’..

Anyway, today, I want to do an award ceremony for my blogger friends because I don’t think I tell you how much you mean to me so today, I’m going to be doing ‘Hideaway Girl’s award ceremony.’

Let’s go.

Most inspiring. 

This blogger has been so supportive and brilliant but she has had her own struggles of her own but she has managed to make people happy across blogger community. This amazing inspiring young lady is Elm. Thank you so much for writing:)

Most beautiful web design. 

I love her posts and her web design is just so pretty! Congrats to  Infinitmagic for the most incrediable web design and  thank you for also having the most comments on my blog 🙂

Most friendly blogger 🙂 

All of you guys are pretty nice but I would say Chloe Lauren is one of them which stands out and is just so lovely 🙂 Thankyou for being so lovely 🙂

Best advice! 

Rosypop gives so much advice and all of it has helped me.Thank you for always commenting and please continue with your posts, I enjoy reading them 🙂  You are such a good blogger and friend 🙂


There is so many more awards I could give out to you guys but I felt like spreading some positive vibes and it’s a nice post to write on a Friday 🙂

Have you got any tips of the first day of work and if so, please comment down below if you do because I’m so nervous!

I’ll tell you tomorrow how it went,

Hideaway Girl xxx


  1. Rosypop

    AWW THANK YOU SO MUCH! You’ve made my day and as to your first day at work…I don’t have any tips other than try not to drop anything 😂 to be honest I’m really clumsy as well so you’re not alone ❤ x

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  2. parisianpages

    you so got me on the pregnant thing lol omg. My heart dropped when I read that. I’m excited for you on your job, congrats!
    I was very afraid for my first day of work also but I learned that being attentive and nodding to show that you’re listening to them and that you value their time is a great thing. Also smile, it helps a lot.
    I did this thing where I wrote my managers thank you notes and that just shows further that you really appreciate them and value what they do.

    ps. I really hope those men aren’t kidnappers lol 😀 and good luck ! 🙂

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