First Day Of Work.

Hi,everyone! How has your day been? Mine’s been a roller coast of emotions as it was my first day of work. Yup, I’ve finally gotten up from my lazy arse and gotten a job at being a waitress in a small cafe by the beach. So today, I’ve decided to tell you about my first day at work.

So on Tuesday, my best friend, Elle got a call from Beach Cafe. (Beach Cafe isn’t it’s actual name because you would have guessed where I lived if I told you the real cafe’s name) They asked if she and I were still available to start working there. I did get a call from them but I didn’t have a phone because it’s broken so I gave them my dad’s number. Of course, my dad didn’t pick up so I had to hear the news from Elle. Missing a phone call always makes a good impression! Joking.

Earlier that Tuesday, Elle threw iced coffee on me and I went off in a strop, refusing to speak to her. She came to my house with a starbucks and chocolate but I was too stubborn enough not to forgive her ( but managed to drink the coffee and eat the chocolate though).

While Elle was trying to get contact from me, I was having a strop but I finally gave in because I noticed I was acting too like my father that I should stop.

Anyway, Elle tells me the good news that I’ve gotten a job!

And it was all good.

Blah blah, we made arrangements that I would be starting at Beach Cafe at 10..


I decide to shut my mouth and agreed to see them there 🙂

Being nosy and wanting to know more about the restaurant, I decided to search the Cafe up. I found lots of reviews which were all really good but except one..

And this is how it kinda went..

I went to Beach Cafe for lunch today with 4 other adults and three kids.. You can already see how this is going to go. Our order was taken and we got our drinks within a few minutes.All good as far. After waiting 40 minutes, our first food arrives but only the adults.. Blah blah blah.. The chef comes out waving a spatula, saying we weren’t going to have anything off our bill even though we didn’t mention the bill. 

After reading this review, I was terrified. I didn’t want to meet the grumpy chef and I didn’t want to approach or upset any annoyed customers.

The day came and I went down to Beach Cafe, I was shaking like a leaf. I don’t know if that was because I didn’t have a coffee or the nerves.

When I get to the lovely little cafe, I get greeted by the guy who called me on my dad’s phone, let’s call him Kevin. Kevin seemed like an alright guy but seemed more nervous than I was. I then got introduced to the chef, let’s call him Barry and he was so funny & his cooking looks amazing!

I got to learn how to use the coffee machine, how to wash up and I got to serve some customers. There was a very sweet elderly couple eating their breakfast  and they were so kind. They wished me luck on my first day which made me feel so much better!

There was one grumpy bus driver who didn’t even say thank you or looked up from his newspaper once. I never like bus drivers especially where I live.  I then got to met a regular and he was just as funny as Barry the chef.

Washing up wasn’t bad as I thought it would be, I didn’t break any plates and managed to scrape off bake beans.I did better than Elle who broke a teapot and hidden it.

I worked for two hours today and got paid £10 which is a lot more than what my friends get paid who work in other cafes. They also said I would get free lunch during the summer holidays 🙂

Today has been such a great day and my confidence is so much higher. Do something which you are terrified of but want to do because at the end, something good will come out of it 🙂

Hideaway Girl xxx





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