What it was all about- stereotyping.

Hi,everyone! How are you all doing? I’m doing pretty okay, I must say. So in my last post, I asked you guys a question and so many of you answered! Thank you so much 🙂 Today I’m going to tell you what’s it was all about XD

In Psychology, we are doing stereotyping and prejudice which is so interesting. I don’t know if it’s the subject or the teacher. I have a new american teacher as the other one is on maturity leave and had this cute little alien thing. My american teacher (let’s call her Mrs B) is the best and she makes the lessons so much more interesting than the other teacher I had.

Anyway, Mrs B asked us to do this experiment and to find out if genders of the baby affect the results of the participants (you) describing the baby. I ask you on my blog to describe a baby boy and outside of my blog, I asked family members to describe a baby girl.

I found out that the gender of the baby I give you, changes the words that you pick. Whenever I said to describe a baby boy, people gave the answers like ‘handsome’ and ‘alert.’ Whenever I said to describe a baby girl, people gave the answers like ‘pretty’ and ‘delicate.’

So why is that?

Well, our society teaches us that boys and girls are different. I guess that’s true as we both have different down below parts and well girls have boobs (so do boys but most not as big). But other than that, we’re not. We are still human beings.

But all of us stereotype, even I do.I try not to but I do.

Girls aren’t delicate. We are as strong as boys.

Boys are as clever as girls.

So why, in our society, still carry on with the stereotyping in out culture?

Tell me what you think in the comments below 🙂

Hideaway Girl xxx




  1. Just A Blank Space

    I think we are so used to stereotyping everything that we don’t even realize when we do it anymore. It is such a part f what humans are that we can’t stop ding it. Do you get what I mean?

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  2. Ally

    This is so true! I try so hard to teach the little kids that I coach in dance or babysit that boys are just as good as girls are. Girls might mature faster, but guys will eventually. That doesn’t male them different. Although the stories they tell me about these “annoying, stupid boys” in their class are so cute!

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  3. Jess

    ooh yes! Right now in psychology we’re studying mental illnesses and briefly touching on labels, so I know what you mean! Tbh I didn’t even see that the baby was a boy, I just scrolled over your post, didn’t notice a boy anywhere and was like OOH A BABY IT’S SO CUTE AND DELICATE XD

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  4. Leila

    When I answered the question on your post, I described the baby boy as “delicate” and “soft” because i didn’t pay attention to the fact that it was a boy. I just answered it as if the baby was just a baby and I didn’t think the gender mattered.

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  5. Luna

    Awesome post and experiment, your message is very true! Maybe in the back of my mind without knowing it I picked strong because the baby was a boy, but the reason I think I picked that was actually just because of the shape of his head for some reason XD

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  6. sindyblue10

    It is true most boys are physically stronger than girls. Well, at least to start off with. It’s how our physique is built. I think it’s true but also doesn’t mean that girls aren’t or can’t be stronger. This is likely where the stereotype came from.

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  7. A Blissful Life

    Psychology is so interesting! I think maybe we stereotype because humans like structure and order. We like to keep people in line so that they don’t go too crazy. These boundaries are being pushed, but I feel like there’s still a strong grasp on common stereotypes.

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  8. Elm

    This was a slap in the face for me, because I KNOW I stereotype. But I think it’s as a result of society, and how we’re brought up – gender roles, socialisation, and that kind of thing. (Sorry, I study sociology so I’m half-revising it here too).

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  9. 👑

    I like that a lot! I sort of half-expected that when I read that it was a baby boy and I read all the description options you gave us. But this is still a really nice experiment and a good way to open people’s eyes about streotyping genders. Thank you for sharing this with us!

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  10. parisianpages

    I think the reason stereotypes still exist today is because we have been expose to such thinking of inferiority since the beginning of time and just as habits are hard to break, stereotyping is just as hard to break and discontinued . We can only hope the majority of humanity learns eventually to treat every gender equally but at the same time we must appreciate the ones who accept and want a difference in the way we view both genders.
    Ps. Your new teacher sounds really cool 😊

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