Hi,everyone! So I haven’t been on here for a few days because I’ve been busy. I’ve been busy with school work, my social life and work. But you don’t want to know about that but whatever.

Whenever I blog, I never really have a plan of what I’m going to write. It sort of just comes to me when I write. Does anyone else have that?

Anyway, so on Saturday, I went to work for 4 hours. This was my third time there and I’m not really enjoying it as much as I thought I would. I love talking to the customers and having the money which I earned so I’m going to keep going with it.

My mum told me that earning money isn’t just about getting the money, it’s how you spend and save up for it. It’s a bit confusing but I’ll explain it to you.

If you wanted a car and your parents brought it for you, you would love it obviously but you wouldn’t care and be proud of it as much as if you saved up for it and worked for it. And having that proud feeling of having worked your butt off for it is better than not working and sitting there on your arse and wasting your life away.

A few of my friends are wealthy and don’t have to have a job. I do but I’m happy that I have a job because I think I would be pretty bored without one. Like I get to have more funny stories and maybe a few more embarrassing ones. But even if you are wealthy, having a job isn’t just for the money, it’s for the experience too.

I was thinking about life. I know it’s deep but I thought about how my life is really short. You don’t need money to be happy. My parents don’t have that much money but they are happy and are living their lives. Of course, you need money to buy resources and things to keep us alive. But other than that, your life is what you make it to be.

It’s our decision to make it what you want it to be.

Well, this is gotten weird and deep.

I’ll see you later and I’ll also read some blog posts so don’t worry 🙂

Hideaway Girl xxx





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