Don’t be embarrassed about it! 

Hi,everyone. Ooo..I didn’t put an exclamation mark but sometimes I feel like I’m too postitive in my posts than what I am like in real life. Anyway, I wanted to write blog post. And I haven’t really done a blog post like this one  in a while so I thought that today was the day. I know that is 7 at night but I don’t know, I’m going to change the rules a little bit and upload later than usual. I’m such a badass. 

So I’m keep getting a lot of followers each day and I feel like I should introduce myself in every post but I’m not going to go that because otherwise that would be really boring to read. But most of you will know what I have anxiety and that I went to the doctors ‘CAMS’ for about a year. It helped but I feel like I should write about my experience there. 

But why am I writing my experience at my therapy? Well I watched a documentary but teen mental health on BBC and it told the real story of Sarah. ‘CAMS’ is in it a lot and they were kinda blamed in this documentary and while watching this documentary, I was kinda thinking about my experience. 


Okay so I don’t want to start rabbling why I went to CAMS (children’s mentally ill therapy thing) so I’m going to do a bullet point list. 

  • I had anxiety which I didn’t know that I had then 
  • my parents were scared that I was turning into a zombie. I didn’t go outside
  • I needed help. 
  • I didn’t have anyone to speak to and my GP sent me to CAMS

Okay so I asked for an appointment and it took about 2 months at the most to get one. And when I did get it, it got cancelled and after another 4 or more months, I finally got one.when I went, they got me to pick if I wanted my parents to be in appointments with me and I said no because I feel embarrassed about talking about the. I had this young woman who I absolutely was her first patient. She was more nervous than I was, I think. Sometimes, it felt like she didn’t know what to say and how to help. To be  honest, I wouldn’t know what to do with this awkward and sometimes crying teenager. 

But talking to her did help and she was there for me. She did a lot of stuff for me. She took in into social environments where she helped me control my panic attacks. 

This Sarah in the documentary was seriously mentally ill and I mean seriously. And if I was Sarah, I could see why cams wouldn’t have been good support. She needed someone there and not have all of these professional people mess around with her. 

She’s a human and wasn’t just a patient. And it annoys me so much how our government doesn’t understand that mental help is as serious as other life dangering illinesses. Did you know that mental health clinics only get 0.7% of NHS funding? 

And 3 teenagers in every classroom has a type of mental illness

People are embarrass about mental illness and we shouldn’t  be. 

We need to change


  1. wordedink

    I’ve been to CAMHS too, I actually just recently finished my counselling sessions. Don’t worry I’m not mentally deranged either 😂 This is all so true, and I honestly understand everything you’re saying from my previous experiences as well. Great post!💯💕

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    1. wordedink

      Also, sorry don’t mean to babble on, but the place I was going to was under threat of closing. The government don’t do much and it also costs money for adults to go which is really unfair because a) most other healthcare is free and b) they might really really need it. The government should honestly prioritise it.

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  2. thelonelylion1603

    Finally someone who understands that mental health is just as important as physical health because mental health can cause your physical health to get worse in some cases. Also i had CAMHS as well and I remember towards the end I hated it and it ruined my mood as it made me feel mentally unstable and almost like a zoo animal sometimes

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  3. PrivatePublicGirl

    Yep, some people just can’t keep their eyes open when it comes to mental illness. It is real. And it is so, so, so common. The only way to spread awareness is by helping one another overcome it and to promote that it’s not a shame to aknowledge it.

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