For my love

Hi,everyone!! How has been your weekend? Mine has been FABBBBBB. I have this english project thing due for tomorrow and I literally just spent two minutes writing this poem which I’m just about to show you. The explantation of the poem is at the end but maybe try and guess what famous play it is about while reading it, I dunno but I hope you enjoy 🙂




Allow my love to be above.





Will all bow

At my love’s reign


War cries,

The spilling of blood,

I want her to be high,

Willing to kill

For my love


I shake,


Until my voice flakes

For my love’s daydream.



Voices in my mind,

To only to kissed hers,

For my love’s kind.





Allow my love to be above.


This poem is inspired by Macbeth’s love for Lady Macbeth and how he falls for her multiplicative ways. It shows how one’s love can drive one to do humanity’s worst acts. It’s kinda different to what I normally blog about but I hope you have enjoyed it 🙂

Elle and my Q&A video will hopefully be up during this week,

Hideaway Girl xxx




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