body confidence on holidays

Body confidence is something that I struggle with on the daily. Like many teenagers, I find beach holidays difficult even though I’ve been brought up near the coast. Today was my first day in Elounda in Crete (Greece) where I’m staying in this lovely hotel with two pools and the cliche hotel things like spas. It is a stunning area to stay in as I’m surrounded by these massive mountains towering over the sea with little white houses cruising on the hillside. However, quite obsessively, I was worried.

Pools is something that I avoid on every holiday; it’s a place which I hate in my head. The loud kids, the ice creams, the stares and the perfect bodies that other people host. On the airplane, there was this girl a little bit older than me who was with her boyfriend. While waiting before boarding, I prayed not to be in front of them because I was jealous (I ended up sitting in front of them. SHE HAS THE IDEAL BODY. The flat stomach, the long legs and a booty which I would kill for. So rather rudely of me, I thought wrongly that I don’t want to be near her because she probably thinks of me as this fat lump. But let’s be real. I’m not fat and she’s most likely a very nice person because she gave me this lovely smile to reassure me because I probably look very nervous (I hate flying).

Anyways, getting to the point. While sitting at the pool today, refusing to go in for a while. I noticed that there were all different types of body figures around me and not one shape I think was ugly nor disgusting. Thinking that made me realise that nobody gives a shit about what I look like apart from myself and that I should just get in the pool. I wanted to go in the pool; I craved the cold water. So in a spur of a moment with the motivating girl power band Little Mix playing in the background of the pool’s music, I went in and stopped giving a shit.

My main message from my first day at Crete is that we should enjoy our time instead of restricting what we do because we are worried about what we look like.

I know this is one of the millions of blog posts about body confidence but I just felt like we all need a little reminder sometimes that we are just human and not bloody barbies.

Astrid X


  1. Shay

    I very much agree! Swimming is one of my favourite things to do and I’ve been doing it since I was about 2 but when I was about twelve ish to fifteen ish I felt very insecure and didn’t like going to pools and even now, I feel a little insecure but I just realised that you’re never really gonna see those people around you at the pool again and who cares anyway. Love this post!!

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  2. thebreakofdawn

    Yes! Go you! LOVED this post. I’m so glad you got in the pool, we all spend so much time thinking that people care what we’re doing, how we look and all sorts but really, nobody cares! Just like you probably don’t care what everyone else is doing. If only we could convince our minds of this all the time❤ I hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday if you’re still there!

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  3. Ally

    I used to be fat around sixth grade and around that time, I actually like being fat. When I started playing badminton for a steady one year (it’s been two and a half years now) I noticed curves on my body that I’d never seen. Objectifying bodies, especially of women, is just wrong, but fat is unhealthy. When you realize that and start working out, you get healthier, happier and much more focused. Just wanted to put out a thought ❤ X


  4. onemoreblogtoread

    Yes girl! I used to feel similar when I was younger, always comparing and putting myself down. Time and growth helps 🙂 I am so much comfortable and confident in my body right now and it makes me so happy. You do you girl, just be who you are and enjoy your holiday. xx

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  5. angelicaempleo

    sooo true haha it’s funny how we always worried a lot ’bout how we look when in fact other ppl doesn’t care about it anyway. it’s better to stop minding what other ppl think instead just enjoy the moment and just be ureself. always remember that we’re all unique in our own way 🙂

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  6. httpkerenkuisblog

    Hy Hideaway girl…am so loving you post…its so motivating, we teenagers do need a reminder on how we look and to appreciate ourselves…i also recently did a post kinda similar to yours about accepting our scars..please check it out at httpkerekuisblog(kerenkui’sblog)and please give me your comment on it

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  7. elasays

    I love this post because it made me realize there are other people who feel the same way and struggle with the same things I do. It also helped me learn that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and that I should love myself for who I am. Thank you 🙂


  8. Celly

    I fully understand you. When you see how other peoples Bodys look like, you get jealous and start thinking bad of them, like you sad.
    But my opinioan About Body shape is simple. It is not important if you are skinny, thik small, big or wathever, as Long as you are friendly to me, as Long as I will be friendly to you


  9. Viktoria

    I like this blog, because I think this problem has every girl in this age. But I Think everyone is beautiful as they are. And a perfect body didnt exist I think. Thank you


  10. Michelle

    I’m glad, that you talk about this problem. I feel with you because i also struggle with the same thing. Your post make me think about this and so I totally agree with you. I want to care less about my body on the next holiday. Thank you.


  11. vereniii

    I really feel you, also when I’m at school I don’t like to be me. But I think the most important thing is that you love your body and to feel comfortable in your body. 🙂

    Have a nice day


  12. >>Sarah

    I really love this post!
    We all spend so much time thinking that people care what we´re doing and how we look. But really, nobody cares! It´s better to stop minding what other people think instead just enjoy the moment and just be yourself.
    I know it´s not easy every day but nobody is perfect, isn´t it? However everybody, whether curvy or skinny, is beautiful.
    Love this post!!♡


  13. -

    Dear Astrid!
    I think the story is simply but increadible. You just put it right on the spot! I have rarely felt so understood!I often felt the same way. You are right, that this topic is often addressed, but still it is good to here such words. I love the message this text told me! Thank’s, that you remind me, that i should be happy with my body, because nobody is totally perfect.


  14. olivia

    Hey!I like your post! I’ts an very important theme to write about because I think almost everyone has been in such a situation- me as well. But we don’t have to waste our thoughts on that because everyone is beautiful in his own way and nobody has the “perfect” body as the majority says!


  15. Viki

    ohhh yess! I fell you fully. Be confident is so hard. Social media show us so many skinny and perfect girls and we think that we also should look like this girls. But it’s devinitely not true! Every body is great and perfect, indifferent what shap or sizes they have.


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