I don't know what the hell I've been writing.

Summer Wishlist 2015

Hi everyone! Spring is ending today! Which is crazy and slightly scary! I thought it was just the start of spring but now it’s coming to close. I’m really bad with seasons. Looking through my blog, I haven’t done any beauty or fashion. I love beauty and fashion but it’s so hard doing beauty while […]


Teaser of my new series

Hi everyone! I broken up from school for the Easter holidays!  So I have lots more time to write some more blog posts! I was looking for ideas to write today when I  noticed that some people write a chapter of a story once a week. I’ve always enjoyed writing so I’ve decided to write […]


Being the middle

Hi everyone! I have until next Monday to choose what I will be studying for 3 years and will help me with my A-levels which will get me to university! I’m panicking a little bit but hopefully I will pick the right choose. I think if you work hard at school, you will do well […]