A bit on the funny side

The very exciting (but scary) future.

Hi,everyone! I’ve been thinking about the future. Well more than thinking, it’s been on my mind so much these past few weeks. Sometimes it makes me happy, hopeful and excited but other times, it can make me stressed, sad and confused. Adults in my life (teachers, parents and well, my whole family) have been saying […]


I’ve got a doppelblogger?

Hi, everyone! How are you all? So you may have seen or not that I published a blog post during this week but I decided to delete it because I didn’t really want to talk about it and immediately regretted writing it. Now, something is annoying me and I don’t know if this should annoy […]



Home. A small house on a corner of the street is my home. My street is home to around 30 old grannies and we kinda just ignore each other. We are all in our little bubble of comfort I guess. Sometimes, it can be kinda nice that I live on a street of the elderly […]