A bit on the funny side

Jesus Mangos.

Hi,everyone! How has your day been? Mine’s been okay, I’ve done all my homework so I’m now going to chill back and do another blog post for you guys.┬áMy room looks so tumblr right now. I have these really cute fairy lights by my window and I have a vase on my wall! Isn’t that […]


Failing Pancake Day..

Hi,everyone! It was pancake day yesterday and I totally forgot to say Happy Pancake Day to you. So HAPPY PANCAKE DAY (from yesterday). Every year, my mum makes the pancakes from scratch which are usually eatable..not yummy but eatable if you pour lots of syrup, sugar and nutella on it! (I love calories) Getting back […]


Unnecessary Yoga.

Hi,everyone! I’ve realised on my blog, I haven’t really written about me in a while which is kinda weird because a blog is meant to be about me (that sounds so vain). So I was like I need to talk about myself again so yeah.. this post is about me. So yesterday, in Sport, we […]