Life as we know it


Yup, yolo. Can’t believe that is the title of my post but I think sometimes you have to yolo. Yesterday, a person said something which kinda stayed in my head for the  rest of the weekend. The person said that there’s no point in doing something you don’t enjoy because you only have one life […]


Adults can be bitchy..

Hi,everyone! So the other day, I went to a fancy Italian restaurant with people I work with at Gymnastics . I really liked it but I was a little bit uncomfortable at times. One of those reasons was because they were kinda bitching about another coach, let’s call her C. Now, C is new and […]


Gender Equality..

Hi everyone! So today, I realised that a few things are a bit unequal for men. When people normally think of gender equality they think of women not being equal. Well, today I’ve noticed a few things. A woman is brave if she hits man. A man is brutal and evil if he hit a […]