To me, last year

Dear me, The old me who was 14 years old (soon turning 15, how exciting!) At the moment, you think your life is normal (maybe, a bit dramatic or boring).. wait until a years time. It’s fucking shit at the moment. Yeah, I’m going to Paris next week which 2 weeks ago, I was really […]


I’m back with exciting things!!

Hi,everyone! Most of my exams are finally over and so I’m finally free from learning top to bottom of Lord of Flies and the romantics of poetry (give me one theme and I’ll be able to snap back quotes like hot potato). This stress that I’ve enduring during this week has been massive but also, […]



I’ve come to the realisation that I can’t be whatever I want to be. I can’t be a politician or anything that can really impact the world. I’m not a person who people vote for, people think I’m stupid. ‘It’s always you Astrid’ when I say a wrong answer in class or makes a stupid […]