how beautiful life can be

This was written for a friend which I showed her before publishing this and I asked her if I could because I know a some of you need to just have a reminder about how beautiful life can be 🙂 x Dear Friend, I wanted to write you something for a while now even before this […]


My Bucket List before I die!

Hi,everyone! Today is such a beautiful day in England 🙂 I have my window open and the heat of the sun is just pouring onto my skin, I feel alive and happy. I feel like I want to go outside and do something; something which I’ve never done before. *Now, my dog is barking outside, waking […]


Chatup lines and teachers

Hi,everyone! I haven’t really planned anything for this week so it will just be a random kinda post which always seems to lead somewhere good. I’m so happy it’s the weekend! This week at school has contained boredom, no gossip whatsoever expect that our science teacher is  now ill again from having another nearly heart […]