happier tunes//poem

prettier wings, sharper chirps, skinner stalks, is what a bird should possess   the other birds fly away, because you don’t listen to their violation of that pigeon or sparrow but you sing happier tunes, you make up your own clue.   though you still cry, though you still crave, not a good-bye because you […]


For my love

Hi,everyone!! How has been your weekend? Mine has been FABBBBBB. I have this english project thing due for tomorrow and I literally just spent two minutes writing this poem which I’m just about to show you. The explantation of the poem is at the end but maybe try and guess what famous play it is […]


It doesn’t matter if you:

It doesn’t matter if you: are white, black, asian, mixed raced, you don’t feel right as the sex you were once placed, you love someone who is a different gender or culture you are from agriculture, you are from a city, or can be a bit witty   It doesn’t matter if you: don’t shave, […]