Reasons why it’s good to be single!

I’ve just read a romance on wordpress and I’m now feeling very lonely…but also, very happy. People say they hate being single. Well, I actually love it. I’ve made a list why. You can say other people are cute without feeling bad You don’t have to worry about Valentines presents. You don’t have to share […]


Being the middle

Hi everyone! I have until next Monday to choose what I will be studying for 3 years and will help me with my A-levels which will get me to university! I’m panicking a little bit but hopefully I will pick the right choose. I think if you work hard at school, you will do well […]


February Favourites 2015

Hi everyone! It’s the start of March so today I will be telling you my monthly favourites. Hope you enjoy! Books  I went into Waterstones to buy Paper Towns by John Green but I found myself buying More Than This by Patrick Ness which had a good review by John Green funnily enough.  A boy […]