Reasons why it’s good to be single!

I’ve just read a romance on wordpress and I’m now feeling very lonely…but also, very happy. People say they hate being single. Well, I actually love it. I’ve made a list why. You can say other people are cute without feeling bad You don’t have to worry about Valentines presents. You don’t have to share […]


Chatup lines and teachers

Hi,everyone! I haven’t really planned anything for this week so it will just be a random kinda post which always seems to lead somewhere good. I’m so happy it’s the weekend! This week at school has contained boredom, no gossip whatsoever expect that our science teacher is ┬ánow ill again from having another nearly heart […]


Being the middle

Hi everyone! I have until next Monday to choose what I will be studying for 3 years and will help me with my A-levels which will get me to university! I’m panicking a little bit but hopefully I will pick the right choose. I think if you work hard at school, you will do well […]